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Welcome to tv20in20!

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Welcome to tv20in20, the original idea was from celeb20in20. You will have 20 days to make 20 icons on a tv show that you choose at the start or every round. Unlike most 20in20 comms, tv20in20 starts every round on the 10th of the month and ends on the 30th of the month. This makes it easier for participants who take part in multiple 20in20s.
Your mods are: evolretsalp, novindalf, madstatler & menthae
Banner makers: menthae, si_crazy & brina_xo

- No animation
- You are allowed to link to your personal/graphics journal with 3 icons as teasers.
- Post has to be public if you are posting at your own journals.
- All icons must fit LJ standards: 100x100, under 40kb, jpgf, .png, .gif.
- When posting, put the round number and TV show title as the subject.
- You have to be a member to participate.
Challenge and Voting

- Themes: There will be 10 different themes for each round. (eg. back, water, red, face, anger, shame, slip, torn, leap & yell)
- Category: 5 icons will make up a set, which means that they all have something in common. (eg. black and white)
- Artist's Choice: You can choose to make anything as long as they adhere to all the rules.

- All 10 themes will be voted on separately.
- There will be 2 parts to the voting for the 10 themes due to the large amount of icons.
- There will be 10 winners, 1 each for each Theme.
- Category and Artist's Choice will be voted on as a set and as individual icons.
- There will be 3 winning sets, 1st-5th place for individual icons and a Mod's choice each for Category and Artist's Choice.

The number of placings for each round for individual icon voting (Cateogry & Artist's Choice) is decided by the number of participants.
< 20 participants - top 3
21-30 participants - top 4
31-40 participants - top 5
40 > participants - top 6
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